Thirsty Camel

To Increase Thirsty Camel Brand Awareness with their target audience and grow the amount of participants in the companies loyalty program “The Hump Club”, Arid Zone took a simple product, filled it with cash, and turned it into the center point of a highly successful marketing campaign.

The Esky Of Cash

  • A 36 Litre Thirsty Camel branded cooler was used to present the enticing prize of $20,000.
  • To enter participants had to Join Thirsty Camel's Hump Club for automatic entry into the “ Esky of Cash” competition.
  • Esky’s were sent direct to 180 Thirsty Camel bottle shops and filled with fake “camel cash” to be used as POS for the month of the campaign.
  • The esky’s, in conjunction with posters and shelf wobblers were an integral component of the in-store marketing material to drive a consistent campaign message.

Thirsty Camel retail sales out performed the market in all categories (Beer, Wine, Spirit & RTD) whilst the campaign was running. Unique web traffic went up by 150% within the month and 65,000 unique visits were recorded for the duration of the campaign. Most importantly, membership to “The Hump Club” grew by 40%, doubling the original objective.