Scalable Systems

Arid Zone was presented with the hard task of how to get a message past the "gatekeeper" and into the hands of somebody wielding serious decision power. In this case, it was the CEO, CFO and CIO’s of Australia's largest manufacturing companies and the message was to draw attention to the benefits of new Microsoft EPR software.

To do this

  • A non- branded, personalised box resembling a traditional book was dispatched to manufacturing businesses around Australia.
  • Key purchase decision makers opened these boxes to reveal an eBook coded with Scalable branded content, which when powered up displayed the Scalable logo and flyer.
  • The recipient was presented with a challenge; to siphon through the given information on the Scalable product and work out the 4-digit password to  “unlock” their new eBook.

As a result, 34 eBooks were activated, 34 appointments with the key decision-makers made, $900,000  of sales and an 85% positive feedback rate received. Not only were respondents made to devote their attention to, and understand the benefits of the Scalable product offer, they were instantly tracked online, rendering it a simple task for a sales contact to immediately contact the prospective customer.