Defence Bank Money Boxes

The Defence Bank Foundation is a registered charity which raises funds to support serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members living with injuries or illness such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Defence Bank wanted to run a fundraising campaign to raise money for the servicemen/women who come back with PTSD. Rather than a usual fundraising drive, they wanted to run a campaign that would not only generate funds but also give back something that their members could cherish. 

After an in-depth understanding of the client brief, we wanted to produce something personal that the target audience could connect with. We presented the concept of "custom made money boxes" representing three divisions within defence which include, the Royal Australian Airforce, Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy. To represent these divisions, we created money boxes in the shapes of plane, tank and ship. These were aimed at the "Big Kids"

Making these custom money boxes was a long and complicated process. We handled the entire operation from Concept to Production. The money boxes were replicas of real planes, tanks and ships used by the Australian Defence Force.

Sales of the money boxes and customer engagement were the two most important metrics for the campaign. The Defence Bank considered the campaign an overwhelming success, with 80% of the branches selling out of the money boxes before Christmas and 95% sold out by the end of January. The popularity of the product was evident on social media, with various shared posts and mentions that helped the Defence Bank benefit from media generated through customer engagement. The campaign saw the highest ever social media engagement in the Defence Bank’s history.