RMIT Student Competition

As a key action in RMIT’s Merchandise Project Plan, the Marketing department ran a university-wide online competition to redesign the RMIT hoodie and T-shirt.  Open to all RMIT Melbourne students and staff, the campaign acted as the design platform where students could apply their innovative thinking and design talents to extend RMIT’s existing merchandise range to street wear.

  • Hoodie & T-shirt design templates were displayed in a dedicated website for students to download and apply their designs.
  • 130 design entries were received, as students and staff alike took a stab at being the “Peoples Choice”.
  • Awards were posted through RMIT’s Facebook page, gathering an audience of 1,575.
  • Winning Hoodies & T-shirts were made available to purchase from the RMIT Merchandise store.

Get Your RMIT Style On as a competition enriched the student and staff experience by providing an exciting opportunity for individuals to have their skills recognized. By putting an exciting spin on standard clothing designs, RMIT with the aid of Arid Zone used promotional clothing to its full advantage, engaging students and staff while making a tidy profit.